With huge processing facilities at its state of art plant, with ultimate combinations of machineries, with skilled persons to get desired result, with a team of experienced Mechanical and Technical engineers to cater the system and behind all this Dynamic Management.


Gradually the group had manifold growth in business since its inception and is capable to deliver right product of various kinds of Dyeing & Printing with various kinds of fabric at right time. Our Designing Studio visualizes Ideas to Image and Image to Design.


Our Quality Control ‘QC’ team is geared-up to deliver the right product as per the customer requirements & parameters. Our R & D cell keeps devoted to explore new means of process & chemicals that requires least quantity of water, power, fuel etc. Computerized Lab is equipped with modern instruments to analyze all the inputs.


Procurement of Grey Fabric, a key raw material, is through our offices at fabric’s weaving market itself.


We are working toward “Saving the Nature”. Our processing departments are committed to restrict the consumption of fresh water through re-use of water in critical & non-critical usages. Dyes & Chemical selection is made with respect to minimized pollution load. Fuel saving is also of prime cause of concerned.


Together with our shared value system of our commitment to our Excellency, Closeness to Customers and the Innovative Sprit, we have been able to build bond with our customers, dealers.